My name is Nikhil. I'm a 25-year-old Geek having completed my Engineering in the field of I.T. I have a passion for Programming & Web Development and am always in a pursuit of exploring something new on the web. Although not the best when it comes to coding, I have a burning desire to learn to code overwhelmingly impressive websites or to partner with an ideal counterpart who can enpower me to build the next Facebook - in short, the next big thing on the web. I also keep exploring the social media as it helps me come across new people and learn from their experiences just hoping that I can find something successful to do with it. I am very optimistic and tend to follow my instincts in order to make right choice between the various options. More often than not, I usually take the untrodden path hence criticism is something that I can handle well. Although it's been just an year since I have taken up a white-collared job, I have honed my technical skillsets to an extensive level by taking up freelancing projects, development tasks and blogging in the past four years. I do not consider myself an ordinary amateur by any means of stretch. I take pride in everything that I do and ventured out mid last year to co-find MyCareerAllies, a startup targeting the education sector. Although the startup failed to take-off, I learnt numerous lessons. The learning experience and and some of the positives derived out of it keeps me going. I aspire to be a Data Scientist in the near future.

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Nikhil P Naik, Majoring in Business Analytics and Information Systems

I recently quit my job as a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant. I will be starting Grad School in August at University of South Florida. I like diving deep into and exploring Technology oriented stuff.

  • C# & Java Programming
  • Python & PHP Scripting
  • Hadoop & Big Data
  • AWS, Azure & Google App Engine
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript(jQuery and AngularJS)
  • MySQL & MongoDB
  • Wordpress Development

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